Dr. Pamela Smith developed an interest in medicine and the phenomena of the human body at the age of seventeen. She left her home of Chicago in 1992 to begin her life's work as a RN in Chinle, AZ. This journey to the Southwest gave her valuable insight into the ways of self healing. Dr. Smith began her self healing through the use of quiet time and reflection. Pamela's journey led her to pursue a degree in the natural sciences. Dr. Smith entered Bastyr University in 1993 and graduated with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 1998. Outside of her practice Pamela enjoys writing short stories, traveling, the arts, meditation and the study of ancient healing practices. These hobbies have peaked her interest and determination in exploring the link between art and personal well-being.

Vision For The Future

To create a bridge and therefore a working relationship with practitioners of Western medical thought; embrace global healing practices such as meditation and ethnobotany.

My Philosophy: Client centered, community focused; global; commitment to life-long learning