Request an Appointment

Call (425) 420-7877 to set up an appointment with our receptionist or complete the form below and someone will call you within 2 hours.

If possible, please print and fill out your intake form for your initial visit. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled visit time to complete paperwork if not done in advance. For specific questions about visits, etc. please send an e-mail or phone the office, at least 24 hours before the visit.

Missed Appointments:
24 hour notice must be provided to the practitioner for a cancelled or rescheduled visit. Please give the doctor this courtesy. A client who is a "no show" for three visits or reschedules three visits will not be seen in the clinic.
What Should I Expect at my first visit? The first visit will last approximately one hour. During this first visit we will discuss your medical history, psychosocial history, and nutritional status. The ultimate goal is to:
  • Utilize the healing power of nature (avoidance of harmful drugs)
  • Apply non-invasive procedures (Do No Harm)
  • Encourage the prevention of disease
  • Promote maintenance of wellness and client self-responsibility
  • Identify and treat the disease
  • Treat the "whole" person