Patient Information

Important Questions and Concerns

Who is a Naturopathic Physician?

A Primary Healthcare provider who utilizes Evidence-Based Natural Medicine, philosophy, and wisdom in the treatment of the "whole" person.

What type of training does one receive? Is the Naturopathic program a medical program?

A Naturopathic physician attends a four year accredited medical program for the study of the Natural Sciences. Like allopathic physicians, ND's are trained, licensed and skilled in the conventional tools of diagnosis, lab testing, X-ray, and physical exams. In addition, there is training in the use of natural therapeutics such as botanical (plant) medicine. There are diverse therapeutic and diagnostic methods that may be applied, based on each individual's need.

"I have a complicated illness and doubt that "plant therapy (botanicals) or diet suggestions will help".

Complementary medicine may be used to increase the quality of your life.

"I am currently taking prescription drugs and herbs may interfere with their effectiveness".

If you take prescription drugs and would like to pursue complementary medicine, your practitioner is responsible for researching the drug-herb interactions. There are herbs which are not compatible with certain drugs. Be sure to mention to your Naturopath all drugs that you are currently taking.

What Should I Expect at my first visit?

The first visit will last approximately one hour. During this first visit we will discuss your medical history, psychosocial history, and nutritional status. The ultimate goal is to:
  • Utilize the healing power of nature (avoidance of harmful drugs)
  • Apply non-invasive procedures (Do No Harm)
  • Encourage the prevention of disease
  • Promote maintenance of wellness and client self-responsibility
  • Identify and treat the disease
  • Treat the "whole" person
We accept cash and credit card payments. Affordable payment plans are available.

Flexible spending accounts accepted.
Contact receptionist to make an appointment or may make an appointment online, as well as print and fill out your intake form for your initial visit. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled visit time to complete paperwork if not done in advance. For specific questions about visits, etc. please send an e-mail or phone the office, at least 24 hours before the visit.

Missed Appointments:
24 hour notice must be provided to the practitioner for a cancelled or rescheduled visit. Please give the doctor this courtesy. A client who is a "no show" for three visits or reschedules three visits will not be seen in the clinic.