Proactive Healthy Aging

In the toxic world that we live in today, aging gracefully can be an everyday challenge in many ways. From protecting our inner body tissues to our outer shell is and should become a “way of life”. With the constant influx of chemicals in our environment, it is crucial that we find ways to protect ourselves from these dangerous elements. Depending on your location, your water may not be safe to drink. Our cells are bathed in this precious fluid and therefore must be pure if our bodies will be pure. From our viewpoint we have choices in regard to two things: our water and our food. We have less control over our environment at large. We make decisions daily on our food choices and our water and drink. Our practitioners are dedicated to your health and wellbeing in helping you with the selection of healthy:
  • Food and Water,
  • The Elimination of Allergens,
  • Antioxidants to protect our tissues from damage, and therefore the
  • Protection of your skin
We must remember that our skin will display signs of our inner health. We encourage you to be Proactive with everything in relation to your health. It is possible to remain healthy and beat the odds. Let us assist you in this wonderful goal.

Your visit to our office will assess:
    Nutritional analysis (diet diary and computer analysis)
    Digestive health, which is closely related to
    the health of the skin
    Weight Management and blood sugar control Heart health
    Cognitive health
    Joint health
    Exercise routine
    Stress Management
    Relaxation techniques
    Skin with its possible lifestyle stressors